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Dr. Charlie Chuacuco

I received my Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 1999. I have worked in many different types of veterinary practices, from low cost, high volume practices to very high quality and expensive, low volume practices. These experiences have helped mold my way of thinking and the way I practice veterinary medicine.

I believe that a balance of evidence based medicine and practical medicine is the best approach to helping not just our patients, but also their caregivers/owners. I like giving our clients the big picture and giving them several choices to take for the best interest of their pets and for themselves. I am big on personal responsibility. We, as medical professionals, are here to advise our clients on the best possible outcome for our patients, but we also have an obligation to our clients, to be fair and forthcoming about their options and the corresponding results of their choices.


When not at the clinic, I enjoy my time at home with my wife, our 2 cats and our portly Chihuahua.

Medical Interests

I have special interests in Dermatology, Pain Management and Geriatric Medicine.

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